Motif User's Guide

Table of Contents

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1. Introducing Motif
The X Window System and Motif
Understanding Windows
The Look and Feel of Motif
Starting X and the Motif Window Manager
Restoring Default Behavior

2. Using the Motif Window Manager
Interacting with mwm
Accessing Window Managing Functions
Selecting a Window for Input
Raising a Window
Using the mwm Window Menu
Moving Windows
Resizing Windows
Maximizing Windows
Using Icons
Closing Windows
Using the Default Root Menu
Using the mwm Virtual Desktop

3. Interacting with Motif Applications
Exploring the MainWindow
Using Buttons
Using Menus
Using DialogBoxes
Using Adjustable Components
Using Lists
Entering and Editing Text
Using ComboBoxes
Using Containers
Using Notebooks
Using SpinBoxes
Using Keyboard Traversal
Using Drag and Drop

4. Using Customization Features
Application Resources
Resource Specification Syntax
Using Command-Line Options
Modifying the Resource Files
Using the xrdb Client Program
Using Internationalized Applications

5. Customizing the Motif Window Manager
Specifying Colors
Specifying Window Decorations
Sizing Windows
Controlling Window Placement
Sizing Icons
Placing Icons
Specifying Fonts
Setting Input Focus Policy
Localizing mwm

6. Advanced Motif Window Manager Customization
Understanding the Resource Description File
Modifying the Window Menu
Creating New Menus
Modifying Mouse Button Bindings
Keyboard Bindings
Setting up mwm's Virtual Desktop Panning
Controlling Client Access to mwm Windows

7. Customizing Motif Applications
Customizing Text Display
Specifying Font Lists
Using Resources for Drag and Drop
Search Paths for Pixmaps and Bitmaps

A. Motif Keyboard and Mouse Operations