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IRIX 6.5.21 Base Documentation, August 2003 - README
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Viewing the "START HERE: Installing IRIX 6.5.21" Web page

A copy of the "START HERE: Installing IRIX 6.5.21" Web page
is included on this Base Documentation CD. 
To view the Web page:

1. Open a Web browser and enter the following address:


   NOTES: Literally type yourSystem.html; do not
          type your actual system name.  Assumes this CD is 
          mounted on /CDROM

          Or you may view the same document on the web at

2. Click the "Start Here" link.

Accessing books, man pages, and Release notes

This CD also provides a convenient way to view the most
frequently accessed IRIX 6.5.21 documentation from:

  - Books, man pages, release notes

Startup Script:
There are 6 convenient tools provided for easy access to
your documentation:


  [ Assumes this CD is mounted on /CDROM ]

  % cd /CDROM
  % ./CDrelnotes eoe 1   # show section 1 of the Irix 6.5
                         # "eoe" release note
  % ./CDman csh          # show the man page for "csh"
  % ./CDgrelnotes        # starts the grelnotes viewer
  % ./CDinfosearch       # shows instructions for using this
                         # CD to run InfoSearch
  % ./CDsgihelp          # shows instructions for using this
                         # CD to run SGIHelp
  % /CDROM/CDinsight     # starts InSight (or your Web browser)
                         # to browse the available online books

All of these tools will run on releases before IRIX 6.5,
except for InfoSearch.  For InfoSearch you will need to
be running IRIX 6.5 to use this CD.

License Information
The products on this CD do not require a license.

Installation Information
This documentation is designed to be read directly off
this CD.

If you want to install the books, relnotes, or man pages,
you should do so directly from the product CDs (e.g. IRIX
6.5 Foundation 1, IRIX 6.5 Applications, etc).  All of
the documentation on this Base Documentation CD is also 
included on those CDs, (although it must be installed first.)

Product Support Information
Silicon Graphics, Inc., provides a comprehensive product
support maintenance program for its products. For more
information, install the Welcome product from your IRIX
Applications CD and browse the Support and Services page.
If you would like to purchase support, contact your local
Silicon Graphics sales office. If you are in the US or
Canada and would like assistance with your Silicon
Graphics-supported products, contact the Technical
Assistance Center at (800) 800-4SGI. If you are outside
these areas and require assistance, contact the Silicon
Graphics subsidiary or authorized distributor in your

Software License Agreement
Packaged with your software is a separate sheet that
contains the Software License Agreement. This software is
provided to you solely under the terms and conditions of the
Software License Agreement. Please take a few moments to
review the Agreement.